Post Season Blues

Why am i missing football despite the European Championships being in full swing?

The media circus briefly dragged its fingers through Swansea City’s business with the Brendan Rodgers/Liverpool saga, and the exciting new appointment of Michael Laudrup has passed quite quietly in comparison. 

Perhaps the reduced amount of fixtures in our first Premier League season compared to the marathon that  was The Championship has left me wanting me to see my team more. I mean, I only got to watch them 20 times last year. But I saw nearly every game live, thanks to some dodgy Scandinavian TV or the internet. Which would probably work out that I ‘saw’ more games last season.

So what is wrong with me?

Could it be the Premier League magic has me under its spell?

Could it be I have post season blues?

Or could it be I love MY club so much that, whilst I enjoy football, I only get excited by MY club?


Caged by the Canaries

Well, we were due a poor performance. I didn’t see this game being it but can’t really complain about not breaking our away duck today.

The defence especially was poor in my opinion today. Monk & Rangel seemed slow and for some reason the marking was thrown out of the window. Even the so far impressive Taylor seemed to be affected with tardyness (or tiredness?) causing some wayward passes and weak tackles.

Without saying they had a poor game, Little Leon and the not-so-little-these-days Allen struggled to hold the stem from the flowing Norwich midfield resulting in many chances being created.

‘Joey’ continues to impress me, everytime I see him play. Even for Wales last week. His work rate is unquestionable. His vision is sublime. His passing is accurate. And the way he carried the ball today, shaking off defence, proves to me his will be a superstar.

Graham was another who impressed today, working hard on his own as usual but making clever runs, seeing himself blocked by an efficient Norwich defence. He even made some good runs when employed as the right winger.

So, in hindsight, not so much to be disappointed as first thought. The performances so far in the Premier League have been top notch, so to have an ‘off day’ can be excused. Thankfully, it wasn’t against a Man Utd, or a Man City, where we’d have been thoroughly embarrassed. Norwich were nothing like they were last season, using the long ball to Morrison, pacy wingers and the industrious Johnson in midfield; to good effect.

A return to the performances we’ve been used to next week will see points coming home with the team bus Saturday afternoon i feel.

Tips for the new season

As I work in the betting industry, I thought I’d give my thoughts on the best way to TRY and make some money whilst following the Swans’ adventure in the Premier League.

Starting with Ante Post (before the season), I’m sure many will agree that placing a bet on us to win the league at 5000/1, will be nothing more than a token gesture of loyalty.  The same can be also probably be said about ‘Top 4 Finish’ at 250/1 and ‘Without The Big 6’ at a miserly 40/1. Although optimistic followers might be tempted, I will not be partaking.

Swansea to be relegated can be backed at 4/9, but to make serious money, you’ll need serious money and a negative attitude.  Those with serious doubts, may fancy the 9/4 for us to finish bottom. The more optimistic of us Jacks will be looking at the 13/8 for us to ‘Stay Up’. A fine bet but not very profitable for smaller stakes. At 8/1 for a ‘Top 10 Finish’ looks appealing for the very optimistic fans.

My favourite Ante Post bet at the moment is to be the ‘Top Promoted Team’ at 3/1. With QPR not spending their millions, it seems like a straight scrap between us and Norwich. With our passing style, I feel we will have the ability to pick up more points than our fellow promotee’s. This will help return healthy amounts for reasonable stakes.



**Boring Legal bit**

Most of these prices were taken from my employers, William Hill from Prices are obviously subject to fluctuation. And to save any conflict with my job, always gamble responsibly ( Blah Blah Blah.



Here we go…

So I’m going to start and try my best to blog just as my beloved Swansea City are going to start and try their best to compete with the elite in the ‘Greatest League in the World’.

I’m not, however, going to try to say how hard it’s going to be. We all know it is.

I’m not going to say how great it is to be the first Welsh club to play in the Premier League. We all know it is.

I’m not even going to talk about our past struggles, from administration to near relegation, and all within the last 10 years. We all know about them by now.

I am, though, going to enjoy every game this forthcoming season. Its something I thought I’d never see in the 25+ years of following the Swans.

But without being defeatest (as are some Swans fans), I am absolutely fine with the fact that we are the bookies favourites to finish bottom. I, for one, will not be devastated if we suffer relegation, come next May.

I will be happy enough to have shared my club with the whole world (apparently).

Whilst every opportunity must be grasped, we are still a work in progress and are far from world beaters just yet.

My point is, I feel we will go down, but I’ve accepted it. Anything other than that, and I’ll be drunk for at least a week. Again.